Fees and Payment Options

Enforce Recoveries uses Westpac PayWay for all payments.

PayWay is a simple, secure, internet-based solution to collect and manage customer payments.

To resolve payment to you from your debtor as soon as possible, and avoid double handling of money, we give you the choice to instruct your debtor/s to either pay you directly as per the terms of your invoice, or to allow you to nominate a different bank account for the funds to be paid into.

The cost for the first letter of demand is $66.

Subject to our legal debt recovery partner not already acting for the debtor, from here, we generate a letter of demand that is checked by a solicitor at BAL Lawyers. We send this letter to your debtor, and can follow up with more letters of demand where necessary.


We can send a second letter of demand confirming that you will commence proceedings if the debt is not paid. We offer this as a complimentary service. This may convince the debtor that you are treating this matter seriously and prompt payment. If it does not, it will show a Court that you have made reasonable attempts to collect the debt prior to commencing proceedings.