Problem: Unpaid Invoice?
Solution: Enforce Recoveries

While fundamental to your cash flow management, we understand that chasing unpaid invoices may not be the most effective use of your time.

We generate letters of demand to your debtors on your behalf to encourage faster payment. Our service is fast and user-friendly.

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Our Debt Recovery service is ideal for businesses with debts owing to them.

We Get Results

Reminder notices sent by your business are often ignored by the debtor, and the outstanding debt simply continues to age. Debtors are much more likely to respond to a letter of demand from an established law firm.


Cost Effective

Our team of experienced debt recovery professionals provide support and results for our client’s businesses. We offer fixed fee service costs for initial letters of demand prepared by a lawyer.


We Save You Time

While fundamental to your cash flow managements, we understand that chasing unpaid invoices may not the most effective use of your time, and can send a letter of demand to your debtor on your behalf. All you need to do is upload your debtor details.



When you sign in, you are able to upload the details of your debtor, and any relevant evidence, overdue statements, invoices and previous letters of demand and Enforce Recoveries will take it from there.

Subject to our legal debt recovery partner not already acting for the debtor, from here, we generate a letter of demand that is checked by a solicitor at BAL Lawyers. We send this letter to your debtor, and can follow up with more letters of demand where necessary.

If your debtor still doesn’t pay, we will give you options on your next steps and we can commence recovery proceedings if necessary.

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